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Common Questions about DUI Defense

I was drinking, and I think I'm guilty. Why Should I Hire a Lawyer?

I talk to a lot of people who know that they may have been at or over the legal limit when they were pulled over. However, hiring a DUI defense lawyer isn't always just about getting a dismissal or a not-guilty verdict. While full out dismissal or a not-guilty verdict is always my first goal, there are times (due to the strength of the evidence against you) when it's simply not possible. However, even if you are going to be found guilty, a lawyer can still help you minimize the penalties and seek alternative sentencing.

There are also cases where a lower plea or penalty is given in exchange for your guilty plea. The fact is, whether or not you have a lawyer you are very likely going to be offered a deal at some point. My experience and expertise will ensure that you get the best deal possible and give up as little as possible to get it.

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What do I need to do in the first ten days?

When you are arrested for a DUI in North Dakota, you are actually facing two different layers of consequences. There is the criminal act of DUI (which results in fines, probation and/or jail time), but also the administrative penalty through NDDOT, the North Dakota Department of Transportation, who deal with the suspension or revocation of your driver's license. To fight the license suspension, you must request a hearing within 10 days after your arrest.

What is the cost to get your license reinstated after revocation or suspension?

If your license was suspended, after the suspension period is over you can have your North Dakota driver's license reinstated for $100. However, if your license was revoked, you will have to take additional steps to get it back.

Will I be Eligible for a Temporary Work Permit?

Depending on your record, you may be able to get a Work Permit (Temporary Restricted License) so that you are able to get to and from work.

Should I refuse to take a breathalyzer test?

Refusing a breathalyzer test is a crime and actually carries a more severe penalty than a DUI. If you refused a test, you will have your license revoked for 12 months.

Do You Accept All Major Credit Cards?

Yes, I am happy to accept all credit cards as your form of payment. In some cases, I am also able to charge payments to help make my services more affordable.

How Much Does a DUI Typically Cost?

This number can vary greatly from person to person but the total cost of a DUI (including fines, attorney's fees, heightened insurance premiums, license reinstatement, loss of employment, etc) can be upwards of $10,000. Often people think that they are saving money by not hiring a DUI defense lawyer, but the fact is, when the stakes are this high, it makes sense to pay to have expertise and experience on your side.

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